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Keeping Ohio Schools Safe

School Security is an important topic in the United States as it should be considering recent events. While gun control and mental health are at the forefront of the debate, considering an alternative focus to combat the issue of keeping our school’s safe, is something that should be considered.

While the security at school buildings has increased in many cases, with monitored entrance, security cameras and sign in forms—these activities are still monitored by school employees who do not have training in security. This leaves the opportunity open for unwanted intruders. It goes without saying that schools’ intent on keeping their students safe, however without the proper training and equipment it can prove to be a daunting task.

Metal Detection

Metal detection is a basic preventive tool, that can keep students and staff save throughout the building. Metal detectors at all major entrances of the school building will provide a first line of defense for the school premises. RSS utilizes state of the art metal detection that will provide the administrator with a clear understanding of what is being brought into the building.

Access Control

Securing entrances of the school building is a necessary task for schools, as unauthorized entrances could cause a major threat for the internal population. Unauthorized entrances can be prevented by an access control system. Through access control, the school has the ability to have all doors locked at any time, and only allows authorized personnel to enter.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems provides the administration with a bird’s eye view of a given location. The security systems can allow the system operator to detect any suspicious activity, and can alert the operator with unexpected activities such as movement or open doors. This will improve response time for any illegal or unwanted activities.

Multi-layered Approach

While proactive measures are beneficial to school building, having a multi-layered approach to the security of students and staff is necessary. RSS also deploys security services to schools through specially trained security professionals to ensure the staff and students are safe during and after hours.

Take a Stand

It is time to take a stand and take action to keep our schools safe. RSS can provide equipment and services to fit the needs tailored specifically for your school.

If you are interested in your school or children’s school being better protected, click the link below to start on the path to safer schools.