Safe and Summer Ready

Summer time in Northern Ohio, is an exciting time to spend more time enjoying life and less time cooped up at home. However, you might have experienced a few times in which you forget or could not remember if you secured your home before leaving. Typically you might have had to turn around and lock everything up or call a close friend to do it for you. RSS has a suggestion to fix this inconvenience.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring from RSS enables the user to arm and disarm the security system, turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, keep up to date on the weather, control your thermostat, open and close the garage door and more. Installation is fast, easy, and free! The digital wall panel contains wireless sensors to ensure adjustments and additions are easily adaptable to the system. Home additions or relocating is not an issue with the RSS security system.

Smart Home

The 24/7 wireless home security provides the home owner access to the security system through the use of a smart phone application. Through the app your home can be controlled by the touch of your fingers from anywhere in the world. The app provides the ability to check status of your home, you can be notified if anyone comes in your home, control lights, and monitor your thermostat along with many other additional features.

Enjoy your time

Our 24/7 alarm monitoring systems can give you the protection you deserve while you are away enjoying the summer. Stop worrying if your home is protected while you are gone and focus on having fun. Allow RSS to protect what’s valuable to you.

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