Security You Can Depend On

RSS – Remote Support Services – is a single-source provider of equipment and personal protection services for individuals, homes and businesses throughout Ohio. With a class-A license as well as being certified from Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy as a Private Security School, our security guards have an unparalleled level of training and performance.

RSS offers more than security cameras. Sensors, motion detectors, and trained professionals for first line defense are all tools RSS utilizes to protect against crime. If you have never considered a remote support or personal protection maybe now is the time.

Home Security

Home Security includes a variety of options for you to choose from. If you are interested in home security systems, we have sets-ups from stand-alone cameras to a complete multi-camera surveillance system. We also provide home security systems with no security cameras like our 311 system that offers 3 sensors 1 key fob and 1 motion detector. Because we value your safety, RSS provides a free assessment to help you determine the risk and develop a plan that is specifically personalized to fit your family’s needs.

Business and School Security

RSS also provides security for businesses and schools with first line defense. Our trained security professionals survey the area for suspicious activities, monitor the area for any illegal activities, and communicate with staff as well as students regarding safety concerns. RSS can also implement a multi-layered approach to security by offering both uniformed and plain clothed security guards, security systems, panic alarms, surveillance systems, access control systems, as well as staff training.

Safety First!

You have the ability to keep your home, business, and schools safe with remote support and personal protection services. With our trained professional officers ready at any moment we are here to help you protect yourself and your family.

Providing Solutions for all of your security needs is what we do. If you want to know more about remote support and how it can help you, contact us for a free assessment.