Security Consulting & Private Protection Services for Urban Surveying Project


Security consulting, personal protection, and site security for survey technicians scanning an abandoned building. Our task was to keep the technicians safe and to prevent the theft of equipment during the multi-day scanning process.



Security Challenge:

The site was an open building located in an urban setting with evidence of local gang activity. The private security officer’s objective was to clear the building of threats, secure it, and then protect the people and equipment associated with the scanning service. This large manufacturing facility posed several security threats:

- Dark Areas

- Unsafe Structures Resulting From Age and Fire Damage

- Large Holes in Floors That Would Allow People to Drop Several Levels

- Excessive Amount of Debris, Resulting in Unsafe Walking Surfaces

Security Solutions:

In accordance with the customer’s schedule, RSS provided protective security officers to conduct a building search and to clear the building before sunrise each morning. Marked patrol vehicles were positioned in front of the facility, and the private security officers worked in full uniform, with safety equipment such as body armor and auxiliary lighting. The armed security officers were equipped with sidearms and carbines due to the size of the building and the potential security threats previously mentioned.


Our private security company and protection services agency provided the client with highly visible site security and was able to address all safety concerns beyond what was expected for a building in that condition. Consequently, the technicians were able to work freely throughout the worksite without threats or thefts. An added benefit of having RSS officers there was that the officers are also paramedics and first responders.

Added Value:

The client was using very sophisticated and expensive equipment. The loss or theft of this equipment would have created a situation where the customer would not have been able to proceed with their normal business and would have, consequently, experienced a loss of revenue. Furthermore, the drug abuse and gang activity throughout the facility could have left the technicians vulnerable to acts of violence. Our trained private security officers were able to safely and professionally establish a secure environment for the client and the technicians to work in, and they were able to maintain that environment with a highly-visible presence throughout the duration of the project.