Counter Surveillance

As with many forms of commercially available technology, surveillance equipment is becoming more available and affordable for consumers to purchase today. The equipment that was once so hard to get ahold of can now be easily found on the internet and even sent right to our homes with the click of a button. Despite the convenience of affordable online shopping, it is often misused by people that want to illegally track where you are, listen to what you are saying, or even record video of what you are doing.

No matter what intentions a person may have for illegally gathering this information, we are pleased to announce that our counter surveillance services can help keep your privacy protected! These services can be tailored to your needs and involve the detection of, interference with, and or protection against any unwanted surveillance. As people and businesses become more aware of growing problems regarding personal and professional privacy, our bug sweeps and other forms of counter surveillance are just what they are looking for.

Whether you suspect GPS tracking, the illegal recording of your conversations, or just want to make sure you are in an environment where you can speak freely, leave it to our investigators to make sure your private information stays private.