Remote Caregivers Designed For You

We're truly here to serve you.​

​RSS is a program owned and operated by Wynn-Reeth, Inc., an Ohio corporation that has been serving our community since 1994. Our agency began by serving Ohioans with developmental disabilities and constantly challenging ourselves to provide the best possible care to each person we serve. This mission quickly came to involve the use of technology to provide each person with the greatest level of independence, convenience, safety and security.

Through our Remote Support Services program, we are confident that you will also find that our services provide these same great benefits to you and your family at the greatest value possible. Partnering with us for your home safety and security needs means that you are partnering with a group of people that are dedicated to keeping you safe.

Remote Support Services

Remote monitoring is our process of providing remote caregiver services to each person we serve. These services are customized specifically for each client and are designed to meet their needs through the use of a variety of technologies we offer. These may include:

  • Home perimeter sensors
  • Interior motion detection
  • Heat, fire, smoke, CO and flood detection
  • Emergency pendants
  • Medication administration
  • VideoCare services
  • Daily reminders and check-ins
  • Home guest screening

Certifications Inculde:

  • IO Waiver
  • Level One Waiver
  • SELF Waiver