Smart Home Automation

Proactive Security Automation

With the smart home automation advanced technology, your home understands what is happening around your property and has the ability to take actions that use set forth on your behalf.

Multi-Sensor Security

Smart home security means smarter home automation. technology takes real-time data from the security sensors and connected devices to understand your activity patterns and applies smarter action than standalone devices can take.

Insights Engine

This automatic, proactive safeguard looks after your family by learning your activity patterns, spotting unusual activity and notifying you when it happens. Insight engine provides you with notifications when unexpected activity happens, without the need to create custom rules.

The Insights Engine which powers these alerts is an advanced machine learning capability—part of the smart home security cloud platform which connects and secures millions of homes. The machine processes data to understand your family’s activities and alerts you if there is a potential problem.


Geo-Services utilizes your mobile device to determine your proximity you your home, to take useful actions—from sending arming reminders to adjusting the thermostat. The service can also pause your video monitoring while you are in your home, to ensure that no video is taken of you and your family. This feature gives you the ability to set parameters for different actions you would like your home to take depending on the distance you are from your home.


Control your entire home with just one tap.’s Scenes lets you adjust multiple devices simultaneously. You can customize the scene, from bed time, dinner time, leaving the house—you determine the devices that are affected by these scenes and with the touch of a button the scene is set.