Summer time in Northern Ohio, is an exciting time to spend more time enjoying life and less time cooped up at home. However, you might have experienced a few times in which you forget or could not remember if you secured your home before leaving. Typically you might have had to turn around and lock everything up or call a close friend to do it for you. RSS has a suggestion to fix this inconvenience.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring from RSS enables the user to arm and disarm the security system,...

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School Security is an important topic in the United States as it should be considering recent events. While gun control and mental health are at the forefront of the debate, considering an alternative focus to combat the issue of keeping our school’s safe, is something that should be considered.

While the security at school buildings has increased in many cases, with monitored entrance, security cameras and sign in forms—these activities are still monitored by school employees who do not have training in security. This leaves the opportunity open for unwanted intruders. It goes...


RSS – Remote Support Services – is a single-source provider of equipment and personal protection services for individuals, homes and businesses throughout Ohio. With a class-A license as well as being certified from Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy as a Private Security School, our security guards have an unparalleled level of training and performance.

RSS offers more than security cameras. Sensors, motion detectors, and trained professionals for first line defense are all tools RSS utilizes to protect against crime. If you have...

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For many of us living a busy life, ensuring the best protection for our home is not exactly what we think of first. With remote security system support, home owners are able to protect their home where ever a busy life takes them by the click of an app.

Know the Risk

When it comes to burglaries many of us think “It won’t happen to me.” However, do you really know the risk of a home without a security system in place?


We have all heard of property crimes occurring. Recent statistics from 2016 show U.S households experienced...